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Why a Paper About Lie Groups and Algebras?

My main interest is Quantum Field Theory, Gauge Theories and Quantum Loop Gravity. On the way, I needed to understand Lie groups.  I found the available textbooks somewhat impenetrable so I engaged a tutor, Pietro Longhi, who was able to peal back some of the layers of  obscurity.  The more I learned, the more I became convinced that I could write something that would be a more accessible introduction to Lie groups than the texts that I had found.    


During this time, I found Bob Klauber's Student Friendly Quantum Field Theory text.  In my opinion, he succeeded in making QFT accessible to a new student in a way that no other text has.  So I decided to use some of his techniques to make Lie algebras more accessible.  My task is more modest in that I just want to aquaint the new student with some of the most important ideas prior to engagement in a more conventional group theory course or self study.


My background is an amateur physicist with a BS in Engineering Physics from Cornell University, 20 years of engineering and scientific computer programming and 20 years as a property-casualty actuary.  Now, I am blissfully retired.


Douglas McKenzie

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